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Welcome to WOSA Sommelier Cup

From March 2013, Wines of South Africa (WOSA) will be running the second WOSA Sommelier Cup competition. With 12 countries competing for the ultimate honour, this is destined to be the experience of a lifetime. The competition consists of two parts: the SEMI-FINALS, which will be played in each of the participating countries and end in July 2013; and the FINAL, which will take place from 7–13 October 2013 (a one-week, all-expenses paid trip to South Africa).

The finalist from each country will be hosted in South Africa for a week-long tour of the winelands. They will visit some of the Cape's most prestigious wineries, meet and taste with our award-winning winemakers, dine in some of South Africa's icon restaurants and explore the wonderfully diverse cuisine on offer – all against the backdrop of some of the world's most breathtakingly beautiful winelands. So don't delay in entering this competition, as entries per country are limited. Register today to compete, and stand the chance to win the trip of a lifetime and the championship title.

Sommelier Cup Blog

Nicola Merighi

09 July 2013
Senior Sommelier, Hakkasan Mayfair, UK

This will be my first competition, I would like to understand and learn more about the South African Sommelier Cup and get more knowledge about South African wines, colture and history.

Terry Kandylis

05 July 2013
Sommelier, The Ledbury, UK

South Africa is one of the most exciting New World countries and
boost numerous different regions with diverse climatic and soil
conditions. Tradition, modern winemaking and the recent
developing in new areas are offering great wines to the wine world,
so unique as the country itself.


03 July 2013
Sommelier/Assistant Restaurateur Manager, Champany Inn, UK

Love and passion for South Africa,devotion and admiration for its wines and happy to participate in this competition,sure to be a wonderful experencie

Didier Catelo

02 July 2013
Sommelier, Medlar, UK


Mirko Benzo

01 July 2013
Assistant Head Sommelier, Helene Darroze at The Connaught, UK


Marcin Oziebly

27 June 2013
Head Sommelier, Albert Square Chop House, UK

I am a great fan of South African wines and I try to promote as many of them as possible on my wine list at Albert Square Chop House. The methods of production of wine in South Africa, approach to wine and number of regions has changed dramatically recently what makes them very interesting. This competition is for me a great opportunity to learn a little bit more about them.

Kubler David

19 June 2013
Head Sommelier, The Montagu Arms Hotel, UK

Like any competiton improve my knowledge, meet peoples and of course get the chance to visit that beautiful country.

Jim Barbeau

19 June 2013
Sommelier, hakkasan, UK

I work as sommelier in Hakkasan, a Chinese restaurant in London with a Michelin star.
I want to enter the competition because I find South Africa inspirational; South Africa cares about people by developing the fair trade scheme and cares about nature by encouraging sustainable agriculture like organic farming.
Chinese food have a very intricate range of flavours and textures like spicy, sweet, savoury, mild, sour, soft, crunchy, steamed, deep fried. South African wines offer versatility and diversity that work with the food. Wines are working so well that they are regularly by the glass in Hakkasan.
Also I find very exciting the huge potential of creativity South Africa offers in term of terroir, vine growing areas, styles, laws, grape varieties like pinotage.
Besides, South Africa has an interesting history of winemaking for more than 500 years
Finally, it allows developing my knowledge which in turn can be transmitted to my colleagues and customers.

Kerber Richard-Martin

07 June 2013
Sommelier and winemaker, Staufen im Breisgau, Germany

cause I love this beautiful country and the people!

Davis Anderson

05 June 2013
Sales Rep, VOS Selections, USA

I've long been a believer in the re-emergence of South African wines, and what they can bring to the table. It has also been my dream to visit South Africa since I was a teenager. A country so wealthy in history and culture and blessed with a stunning countryside that was made for growing grapes, South Africa is one of the places I would most love to experience in every way possible.

Jasper van den Hoogen

05 June 2013
Chef Sommelier, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Joining a competition is exciting! In a way it is forcing yourself to learn about the wines, the regions, habits, the development and the history of a country.

With all its magnificent wines and stunning looking wine lands South Africa has stolen my heart ever since I visited the 2006 Cape Wine, the opportunity to showcase and compete with knowledge and ability to blind-taste in the WOSA sommelier world cup is therefore one I couldn't resist.


Inna Kolbineva

05 June 2013
Sommelier/sales manager, Dendy(distributor), Russia

It is a great honor for me to participate in this contest .The wines of South Africa are getting more and more popular in Russia and I love of South African wines! I want to win and go to South Africa!

Ilya Makarov

03 June 2013
Salea/Sommelier, Aromatniy Mir, Russia

WOSA Cup is a very good opportunity to test my knowledge and visit such interesting country as South Africa.

marcel heid

31 May 2013
Maitre sommelier, Restaurant Buchholz, Mainz, Germany, Germany

i am a young sommelier in germany, im 27 years old.
im on the way to the wine academic
and i like the south africans wines and the country himself.
it is a dream for me to visit this wonderful country and taste the great wines

Serdar Balkaya

29 May 2013
Head Sommelier, Hakkasan- HKK London, UK

I see this competition as a great opportunity to improve my knowledge for South African wines, as SA became a key player in the world of wine business.

Yulia Gen

29 May 2013
Sommelierstudent, School WineJet, Russia

Participate in international competition is a valuable experience that can be used in the future. I would also like to deepen my knowledge of South African wines and use it in their professional life.

Kirill Burlutskiy

28 May 2013
sommelier, WineJet somelier school, Russia

Yes, i like South African wine and i'm interested in professional competitions. The victory is everything i need.

Maxim Naumkin

26 May 2013
Chief-Sommelier, SVG Management Group, Russia

This is a great pleasure for me to participate in another serious competition.
And i want to win and go to South Africa!

Dmitry Kozlov

26 May 2013
Lecturer, WineJet somelier school , Russia

I`d like to improve my blind testing skills. At the same time this Cup is a good stimulus to get more knowledge of South African Wines.

Veronika Vilchik

25 May 2013
Cavist, Aromatny Mir" chain of wine shops, Russia

Everything in life isn't casual. I have many hobbies: painting, photo, theater, classical music. But on the first place always my favourite work. Because I work in wine shop. And for me wine an ideal work of art.
Any competition is opportunity to check the knowledge, to learn the mistakes and to be convinced that you on the right track.

Juliet Urquhart

24 May 2013
Beverage Director, Hotel Fauchere, USA

I believe participating in any competition that involves wines of the world is an amazing opportunity and learning experience that is thoroughly enjoyable. It challenges one to learn more, understand more and ultimately grow more. I am a great supporter and lover of South African wines and would be ecstatic to be able to compete in this comeptition

Evan Workman

24 May 2013
Wine Guy, Terroir Tribeca , USA

As an industry professional I'm a big proponent of under appreciated grape varieties, wine making regions, winemakers etc. SA has a fantastic wine culture that people should be more aware of. In addition a good friend from the free state in SA owns an all SA wine bar here in the city that is introducing people to the wines and food of SA. I will continue to support, drink and educate people on the wines from Paarl to Robertson and everywhere in between.

Gamisch Jan

24 May 2013
Sommelier, Pirmasens, Germany


Anna Sviridenko

23 May 2013
Sommelier, Restaurant "Stroganoff Steak House" , Russia

I started my carrier in the alcohol industry about 8 years ago. For 3 years I was working in a wine boutique and studying everything about wines and beverages from all over the World. After graduation from the Sommelier School I was invited for the position of a sommelier in an Italian restaurant. Nowdays I work in "Stroganoff Steak House" - one of the biggest restaurants of Saint-Petersburg.
I eagerly dream to visit South Africa again because it's one of the most beautiful countries I've ever seen. Its mountains, natural growth, local culture and cuisine and of course vineyards won my heart from the first glance. It will be a great honor to represents Russia in the international competition again.

Michael Nelson

22 May 2013
Sommelier Partner, Verity Wine Partners, USA

I recently traveled to South Africa on behalf of Vineyard Brands imports to the amazement and happy discovery of the great potential burgeoning Behind the mountains. The terroir is being understood more than ever and the right styles of wine are indicating more distict, site-specific interpretations. I am excited to see what the world knows of it. i am excited to hear the reactions as the competition plays out. Hopefully it will not only be for the sport, but for a long lasting recognition of SA on the world map of wines.

Sebastian Georgi

22 May 2013
Sommelier, Restaurant La vision, Germany

In my first years of being a Sommelier, I worked in South Africa. I had an amazing time there. The people are such friendly and helpful. I started to appreciate the culture and there way life. The vineyards and the South African wines are impressive.
The Culture and the wines are so awesome and i will be happy to be in Southafrica again.

Warmly Regards Sebastian Georgi

Steven Whitbread

21 May 2013
General Manager, Brian Maule @ le Chardon d'Or, UK

South Africa is country with a great food and wine scene, but I think the very best wines and the often small artisan producers that create them miss out on a lot of exposure and recognition. I would love to challenge myself to learn more about South African wine in the hope of winning the competition and also to better represent it to my guests.

Evgenia Ushakova

20 May 2013
project manager, JSC Industrial group Ladoga (importer, distributor), Russia

It's a great pleasure to participate in such competition and to get a unique opportunity to learn more about this charming country and its wines. The wines of South Africa are getting more and more popular but it's rather difficult to get complete and accurate information about them and the country where they are born. I am sure that such events help us to feel and understand the country: its history, culture, people, wines...

Anna Kapitonova

20 May 2013
Sommelierstudent, School WineJet, Russia

It is a great honor for me to participate in this contest. I'd like to test my skills, to learn something new about the wine industry in South Africa. It's also a great chance for me to meet new people and to taste a number of South Africa wines.

Plank Brigitte

16 May 2013
Sommeliere, Passau, Germany

I do like Southafrica a lot and i love the capewines.
It is a very good opportunity to learn more about Southafrica and the wines.

Fanny Wennerström

16 May 2013
Sommelierstudent, Restaurangakademien, Sweden

I did my internship for 2 months in stellenbosch with josephine Gutentoft and i fell in live with the country and its wines! I want to see how good i would be in south african wines in a competition!

Anna Maksimova

15 May 2013
Sommelier/ Wine tutor, Sommelier School, Russia

It's a big pleasure and a great honor for me to take part in the competition organized by WOSA. I would love to visit South Africa in order to increase my wine knowledge and blind tasting experience. I started to work with wines as sommelier of Kempinski Hotel and continued in the wine import company in marketing and brand development department. I also do wine consulting on a request.

Evgeniy Shamov

15 May 2013
somelier, restaurant "Sasha's Bar", Russia

Hello ! I will try to be short . I am working as a sommelier already 4 years , so right now every competition is a great expirience for me . Like always i just want to win it and go to the Africa . Simple as it can be .
In our country not a lot of people know about your winemaking . They proposes there 's no history of winemaking in South Africa .
I hope this competition and some kind of festival can show them their mistakes .

Dmittiy Konofolskiy

15 May 2013
Sommellier, restaurant-bar "Pink Cadillac", Russia

I love my profession, for me, wine is not a job, but my passion and pleasure. I love the wines from South Africa, I think they have a great future developments. And of course I would love to visit South Africa.

Katrina Laitinen

14 May 2013
Sommelier, Restaurant Pastis, Finland

This is great opportunity to get more information about South African wines and get to know sommeliers from other countries. I am more than happy to get this kind of opportunity and chance to represent Finland in international competition. Also I can get more important knowledge about South African wines.

Laura Kavander

14 May 2013
Sommelier, Restaurant Muru, Finland

I hope to get some more contacts with northern countries sommeliers. And also to get more knowledge about South African wines. This is great opportunity to get competition experience and practice. I´m honoured to be participating to this kind of workshops and competition. If I do well, I am more than happy to represent Finland in upcoming international competition in South Africa.

Yulia Delyunova

14 May 2013
manager, "Aromatny Mir" chain of wine shops, Russia

I'd like to take part in this contest because it can be a really great professional experience for me. And also it's a great chance to know South Africa and its wines better. I just love wine, I love to work with wine and I want to grow up professionally.

Adam Pawlowski

13 May 2013
Head Sommelier, Northcote, UK

I would love to participate in the Wines of South Africa Sommelier Cup 2013 as it would be a great opportunity for me to get to know more about this fascinating country and its fantasting wines.
Competitions like this always help me to push myself to gain more knowledge, skills and experience. It would be amazing to be the one who gets to visit South Africa and I Am more than determined to do well in the competition.

Frederick Schofield

10 May 2013
Wine Consultant, wine Educator, Wine Manager, Schofield Wine, USA

I would love to visit the wine regions of South Africa. They are among the most beautiful in the world and that is the only way to really know and understand the wines. I've taken trade trips to many wine regions (but never to South Africa) and the trips always generate enthusiasm to promote those wines - you learn the stories, the families, the culture, the cuisine, etc. A single trip fuels my passion for years.

Frederick Schofield

Igor Ershov

10 May 2013
teacher, school of sommelier, Russia

This is the third year I enthusiastically read reference book on wine Platters South Africa. If possible, try to visit all the events and on tasting wine of South Africa. Second year I lecture on winemaking in South Africa in various schools sommelier Saint - Petersburg. But I understand, that it is still very, very far from really serious understanding of the philosophy of South African wines, the concept of manufacturers in the country and the suppliers of those wines on the world. It is not enough to read or listen to 10 - 20 lectures on this topic, or to taste 100 - 200 wines from this country. To understand it is necessary to visit South Africa. To win the contest in Russia - a great opportunity to go to this mysterious and very attractive country. To do this, and I'm going to participate in the selection.

Jeandre Du Toit

09 May 2013
Sommelier, Oblix, UK

Originally South African born but been in the UK since the age of 18. I would love to participate to firstly extend my knowledge and expertise and secondly promote the great South African wines in the UK. Most of the time you only see the entry level mass produced SA wines on restaurant lists, which is a real shame as I've tried some fantastic wines from this beautiful country. There are some real gems out there still to be discovered!!

Eric Hastings

09 May 2013
Sommelier, Del Posto, USA

I would like to participate to challenge my knowledge of South Africa wines and the regions that produce them. Regardless of outcome, I'm certain to learn more about the wines of South Africa. Should I win, a trip to South Africa would be a tremendous educational experience.

Göran Stenberg

08 May 2013
Sommelier/provningsledare, Frilansare, Sweden

Jag tycker om att tävla (har tävlat i Robert Mondavi 2012 och Freestyle Sommelier januari 2013) Gillar Sydafrikanska viner. Är väldigt nyfiken på Sydafrikansk vinodling. Har många gånger tänkt följa med på Håkan Larssons vinresor till Sydafrika, men inte blivit av. Kan man nu dra längsta strået i tävlingen, så kommar man ju dit ändå.

Filip Samuelsson

08 May 2013
Controller in a Sommelier Education, Vinkällan Dryckesutbildning, Sweden

I really like to challenge myself and I always want to learn more. Participating in serious competitions such as this is greatly rewarding. Wines from South Africa is among the most consumed in Sweden and therefore this competition is really exciting.
Also I'm competing with my sister, so it's somewhat of a challenge :)

Maya Samuelsson

08 May 2013
Marketing manager at a sommelier education. , Vinkällan dryckesutbildningar, Sweden

I would like to develop as a sommelier and this is a great experience. As a partner in a sommelier education it is your responsibility to always be on top and up to date. I see this as a perfect opportunity to broaden and deepen my knowledge about the South Africa wine industry and after that give our students both information and inspiration. Last but not least it´s going to be a lot of fun :)

Leonid Kurkin

08 May 2013
training vanager, Aroma World , Russia

For me participating in this competition, at first, is improving my wine skills and knowledge. Also it will be an exсellent experience and I hope that my skills will pass this serious check.

Garry Clark

08 May 2013
Sommelier, Chester Grosvenor, UK

I would love an opportunity to visit the countries wine regions and see firsthand the emerging talent and future wines. To expand my experience of the wines of south africa and get a better understanding of the bio-diversity of the country and how the winelands are helping to maintain and preserve the bio-heritage.

Tobias Brauweiler

08 May 2013
Head Sommelier, The Ritz London, UK

After having lived for 3 years in SA, I feel in love with the wines and the cultura around it. i have made lots of friends.I woulld like to take the opportunity to participate in the competition as I believe that this is the right promotion and advertismnet for the country. Competitions are for individuals who like to challenge themselves and go the extra mile.

Robert Vu

08 May 2013
Waiter, Restaurant 28+, Sweden

Stil freashmen Sommilier and this is good opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills. This is gona be amazing time and i got nothing to lose!

Zoe Morel

07 May 2013
Beverage Director, The Tangled Vine, USA


Alexander Rassadkin

07 May 2013
Administrator, Wine School Enotria, Russia

Professional consultation in the field of elite drinks and personal training was a basis of my activity. To develop the skills and knowledge I am helped by genuine interest to wines, spirits and a gastronomy. Important aspect of my activity is participation in professional competitions of the sommelier, which allow me to improve the knowledge and to lift prestige of my company. I would like to achieve success not only on federal, but also at the international level and to join the elite of professionals in the field of wines and spirits.

Markku Tapio Niemi

06 May 2013
Sommelier, Maaemo, Norway

Competing is always fun and challenging, I learned a little bit more every time you compete. Also, international competitions, you get to know always top professionals from around the world.
I do not consider myself as an expert with regard to South African wines, but I hope to have more information on the seminar and competition

Christina Krenn

06 May 2013
Sommelière IHK, Restaurant Terrine, Munich, Germany

After falling in love with South African wines in my first working place I have followed the developements in that part of the world with eager interest. There are stunning qualities coming up and it would be an honour to get a closer look and real impressions from what is going on. It is also a great pleasure to get together with other wine lovers from all over the world to exchange knowledge and get to know each other.

Vladimir Kosenko

06 May 2013
development director, retail chein Kaleydoscop Napitkiv Mira, Russia

I prefer to take part each event like this one both checking and rising my professional level. It is very important to be competent in each area of wines we recommend our customers. Moreover, wines from the South Africa are popular and actual enough in our country, so I suppose to find out new information during the competition. The fact that this competition will be organized by WOSA makes me interesting in taking part in the event more, because I think it will be well organized and I'll find out some organization moments that might be useful for me.

Grödahl Erik

06 May 2013
Consult in wines and spirit, EG Consulting, Sweden

First of all I love this country, the wonderful nature, the people, the food and of course the wines.The preparing to this competition will give me a lot of possebilities to learn more about the winecountry South Africa. If I will win this semifinal it will give me the possiblility to visit this fantastic country again, that will give me the motivation to study 24/7.

Yegor Aleshkov

04 May 2013
Sommelier, "Ferma" Restaurant, Russia

Big chance to visit South Africa and Great honour to be a candidate from your country.

Ros Jan

03 May 2013
Sommelier, Brasserie Latem, Belgium

The passion in my work and for the country South-Africa, one of the only, if not the only 'new' world countries who are producing in my eyes very elegant and interesting wines, which are really close to the european taste structure. A country wich reflects all different styles of winemaking and wich has new upcoming producers who really are pushing up the South-African wine business in the world!

Wilhelm Fogelberg

03 May 2013
head waiter, sofieroslottsrestaurang, Sweden

I hade a lecture on South Africa and thought is was an interesting wine country.
would be fun to visit the country and learn more about it

Stylianos Chatzimichailidis

02 May 2013
Maître d´hôtel, Hotel Jagdhof Glashütte, Germany

I want to participate in this competition, because I want to check my current state of knowledge. Furthermore, it is always exciting to attend such tests, you can get such a valuable experience that you can use at the professional life. Finally, it is not bad if you win a nice trip. With best regards St. Chatzimichailidis.

Schneidewind Gisela

02 May 2013
Owner of , STEIN+WEIN, Germany

South African wines, its diverse people and the enchanting countryside have captured my heart. The Cape region with its unique landscape and different microclimates, but also the winemakers with roots from all over the world offer never ending discoveries of different terroirs and tastes.

Sofia Castensson

02 May 2013
Waitress/Sommelier, Eriks Gondolen, Sweden

By the end of May, I'll be a newly examed sommelier, and I want to get straight into the wonderful world of competing in sommelieri. I also want to deepen my knowledge on South African wines and the wine culture and I believe this competition is the perfect opportunity to do this.

Matt Wentzell

30 April 2013
Server/bartender, Sommelier student, Waterfront Wines Restaurant, Canada

I look forward to learning more about the wines of this exciting country and testing my blind tasting skills in this competition.

Roman Veselkov

30 April 2013
Sommelier, Stroganoff Bar&Grill, Russia

about 10 years I work as the sommelier, I have awards of the Russian competitions of the sommelier, but never tried the forces in the international competitions. Of cours, I want to try to win a semi-final in Russia and visit RSA to take a part in final competition.

Sergey Panov

30 April 2013
Sommelier/Sales, Simple , Russia

Competition for me is a powerful stimulus to extend my knowledge. Preparation, reading books, wine tasting facilitate me reaching my peak.

And moreover, this sommelier cup is a great chance to fell in love with South Africa’s wines, the oldest New World winemaking region, its’ teroirs and culture.

Dariusz Tokarz

29 April 2013
Waiter, Hakkasan LTD, UK

Thanks to this excellent South Africans wine competition, I would get respect at work and It will help me to get promoted myself. However I will up to date with south Africans wine which I actually do not know well. This is my opportunity to improve my knowledge and getting more chances to get a moving forward, and of course to be in connection with the wine world, where I want to be. Well, Lets get study, then!

Catharina Bevik

28 April 2013
Graduate Student, Lund University, Sweden

My visit to South Africa last year, truly reignited my interest in wine. Thanks to that visit, I will complete my sommelier certification at Gustibus Wine & Spirit Academy in a few weeks. This competition is a perfect opportunity to challenge myself and to deepen my ever growing interest in New World Wines and Winelands. And there is no better way to start than with the country which inspired me from the start.

Maria Zueva

27 April 2013
sommelier, restaurant "Capuletti", Russia

For me, participating in this first experience, new knowledge development. Each competition brings new opportunities and unforgettable emotions. This meeting new, interesting people. And of course, with those furthest away and the amazing continent.

Nicolas Rouet

26 April 2013
Head Sommelier, Robuchon Restaurant, USA

I would like to win the competition and enjoy some time off in South Africa, prove to peoples that I'm one of the best Sommelier in the USA.

Antti Uusitalo

26 April 2013
Sommelier, Restaurant Savoy, Finland

Participating sommelier competition is always a great challenge to learn something new. I cannot say that I’m South African Wine expertise but I hope after the seminar and the semi-final in Stockholm I know more about South African wine culture, wines and the people behind the wines. This is also great challenge to meet sommelier colleagues from all over the world.

Sanna Björn

26 April 2013
Sommelier/Sales, Gustibus WSA/ Systembolaget, Sweden

I would like to participate to get a wider perspective of winemaking and wines of South Africa. I currently studies wine and spirits at Gustibus in Malmö and work at Systembolaget in Kinna, just outside of Borås. This competition will make me an experience richer.

Da Silva Andre

25 April 2013
Commis De Rang, Restaurant, Germany

As I work for the Hotel/Restaurant Trade, and since I´m studing now a Commis de Sommelier, it will be for me a choice to improove my knowledgment and also to learn. And as far as I´d go, it will motivate me to continue doing my job day by day as better as I can, bringing the guests also a little into this fascinate world of wine.

Emily Pearce Bibona

24 April 2013
Sommelier, Toronto, Canada

Participating in this event is an exciting opportunity to explore and deepen my knowledge and appreciation of the region.

Dmitrii Frolov

24 April 2013
Sommelier, restaurant "Mansarda", Russia

I would like to participate because, i've got a great interest to the wines of south africa, want to learn more about them and visit your beutiful country. Also new contest will be a new experience for me as for sommelier.

Magnus Egerdahl Nørsett

24 April 2013
Sommelier, Restaurant Statholdergaarden, Norway

I look at WOSA Sommelier World Cup as a great opportunity to learn more about wines from South Africa. In the spring of 2011 I worked as assisting winemaker at Graham Beck Franschhoek, after this I was in love with this wonderful country with extreme scenery, fantastic wine and fine culture!

Jordi Vila

24 April 2013
Head of Wine Dinners/Executive Chef The Bermondsey Square Hotel, London

After 3 years at Vivat Bacchus hosting wine dinners and meeting the wine makers, I felt the need to grow more in the wine area than food. Vivat Bacchus is a restaurant/wine bar that boasts probably the greatest selection of South African wines outside of South Africa. As my father-in-law is South African and a wine maker, I went on a wine tour of the country meeting the wine makers in the homes. This opportunity is the perfect thing to cement my knowledge of South African wines.

Schroeder Karsten

24 April 2013
Owner, Hubertushof Hotel-Restaurant, Germany

I would love to participate, because everyday work keeps you from thinking and learning... I like to check my knowledge, compete with others and while participating in a kind of Championship, you will always learn new things (and once you qualify for further steps, you will as well meet People...)

Guillemette Mathieu

23 April 2013
Sommelier, Vin de Presse, Canada

My final essay, during my sommelier apprenticeship, several years ago, was about South Africa's viticulture. It is hard for me to imagine a better opportunity to strengthen my knowledge about South Africa's wines, it's culture and it's rich history, than by entering this contest.
Given the opportunity to visit the Cradle of Humankind, I would soak myself in it's terroir, landscape and luscious wines.

Girard Bernier Gabriel

23 April 2013
Sommelier, Vin de Presse, Canada

I would like to participate in the contest WOSA Sommelier Cup to discover the wines and culture of South Africa. Although the wines from this country are increasingly present and qualitative, they often remain unknown. It is a beautiful oppurtunity to learn more about the region and to meet new people in the wine industry.

Sanna Björn

23 April 2013
Sommelier/Sales, Gustibus WSA/ Systembolaget, Sweden

I would like to participate to get a wider perspective of winemaking and wines of South Africa. I currently studies wine and spirits at Gustibus in Malmö and work at Systembolaget in Kinna, just outside of Borås. This competition will make me an experience richer.

Frida Hansson

23 April 2013
Sommelier, Eriks Winebar, Sweden

Because I would like to dive deeper into the world of South African wines and winelands, learn as much as possible and really immerse myself.

Paula Sidore

23 April 2013
Sommelier & Translator, Der Passende Wein, Germany

As is often the case, love hits hardest when you're not looking. So it was for me and South African wines. Despite a 10-year love affair for all things riesling, I stumbled into work selling South African wines for a Berlin importer with a small but impressive portfolio of hand-selected wineries, One taste--I belive it was a 2002 Camberely blend--and I was head over heels for the wines, the winemakers, and--when I finally had the chance to visit--for the country. Blending Old World taste with New World attitude, South African wines count for me among some of the best in the world. As a twice-certified sommelier (IHK and Court of Masters), I would be both honored and thrilled to be given the chance to "renew my wine vows" in and with South Africa.

Frisk Thomas

22 April 2013
Sommelier, Systembolaget, Täby, Sweden

I would like to participate in Wosa sommelier cup to gain more experience of sommelier-competition and develop my knowledge of South African wine. I currently study WSET level 3 at Gustibus Wine and Spirits Academy in Malmö, Sweden and I work at Systembolaget.
I only recently discovered the wealth of wine-styles in South Africa and I am very keen to deepen my knowledge of this wine region. I also very much look forward to meeting new fellow sommeliers.

Thibaut Marquis

22 April 2013
Sommelier & National Sales Manager, Brooklyn, NY, USA

After spending 6 months in South African vineyards and learning more about the wines and the culture I would love to refreshen my palate with the delicious South African wines. South African wines bring people and a great culture together.

Maryke Vandermarel

22 April 2013
Wine Director, The Bearfoot Bistro, Canada

As the wine director for one of the largest restaurant wine collections in Western Canada, I am expected to have a thorough knowledge of all of the major wine regions in the world. Entering the WOSA Sommelier Cup will allow me an opportunity to update my knowledge of South African wine and deepen my understanding of where South Africa currently stands in the world of wine.

Johan Nilsson

22 April 2013
Sommelier, PM & Vänner, Sweden

I would like to compete in the Sommelier World Cup because I competed in the Moet Sommelier Challenge in Sweden in 2012 and wants revenge. I also want to compete because I work daily as Sommelier and daily work with South African wines and want to put my skills to the test, both orally and in theory.

Klieber Sabrina

19 April 2013
Sommeliere, Schwandorf / Bayern, Germany

I visited South Africa in October 2012 and i was deeply impressed... a beautiful landscape, absolutely friendly people, great wines & winerys, delicious food, perfect hospitality... and a lot of more things who make this trip unforgettable.
What a great opportunity to learn more about South Africa and get the chance to meet people from around the world with the same opinion about cape wines!!

Kraemer-Stehr Martina

19 April 2013
Sommelière, Resturant Gut Lärchenhof, Germany

This Competition is a great chance for me to do more experience ,more learning about the wine-growing Country South Africa. All the differences wich there are in the Wines of the hole Country are very interresting, and I like to expand my knowledge about all these Things.

Suzanne Germeraad

19 April 2013
Sommelier, Edam, The Netherlands

To keep my knowledge on track, to learn new things and to network

Genevieve Bjurenstedt

19 April 2013
Sommelier, Oljebaren Bistro, Sweden

As a newly qualified sommelier I wish to deepen my knowledge of the wine regions of the world. I believe I learn more when I have a goal to work towards and the opportunity to visit South Africa, tour the winelands and represent Sweden is a fantastic goal to work towards.

Lotte Wolf

19 April 2013
sommelier, Restaurant Oud Sluis, The Netherlands

South Africa is a country which is so diverse and so are the wines, they are classic but new at the same time. A lot of new wines are coming from the regions Hemel op Aarde valley and Swartland. They are changing and evolving constantly. Thats one of the reasons why south african wines are so interesting and of course the most important reason, the wines are amazing! I am looking forward to the south africa day, no matter who wins a day full of south african wine is always good! :)

Dianne Fisher

19 April 2013
Fine Wine Associate, Mark Anthony Group, Canada

A country so beautiful and wineries marked with their Cape Dutch character. Looking forward to revisiting the wines, the regions and the challenge.

Aleksander Iversen

18 April 2013
Sommilier, Cru vin og kjøkken , Norway

I see a big challenge for me to attend at the South Africa Sommelier Cup.
It will also help me to do my job better and be more selective and aver off the new world wines.
South Africa is also an incredible interesting country that i desire to become better acquainted with.
Its selection of interesting terroirs and microclimate and of corse the wines are very tempting to me.

Dr. Franziska Fehle-Friedel

17 April 2013
Manager, Sommeliere, Parkhotel am Soier See, Germany

I have visited South Africa several times, always combined with wine tastings in the Western Cape. I like the country very much especially with the breath taking landscape and the renowned wines it has to offer- the most well known being the Pinotage, which is my personal favorite as well.

Every second week I organise a tasting with South African wines for our guests. My interest in South African wines and the country itself were increased when I visited the Cape Wine Show last September. The various presentations, tastings and conversations I had have led me to want to discover more about South African wines.

Neil Alexander

17 April 2013
Head Sommelier, L'enclume Restaurant, UK

South Africa has a diverse and rich history of vine growing and winemaking and are adapting to their own terroir and style. To participate in this specific competition would be a great help to further my education and knowledge.

Heidi Iren Hansen

17 April 2013
Sommelier, Norske Selskab, Norway

For me this competition poses a unique possibility to learn more about the exiting wine country that is South Africa. In Norway the country is not that well represented in the monopoly and I think the knowledge I will get from participating in a competition with other interested and skilled sommeliers will help me understand the wines better, and be better prepared to present the wine to my guests.

Béatrice Becher

17 April 2013
Sommelier, Eriks Vinbar, Sweden

I see this as a great opportunity to focus on South African wine, culture and to learn about the multiplicity of the terroir. As a sommelier it’s important to be up to date and to have great understanding of the diversity of every “wine country” in the world and what better way to this than to participate in a challenge! This will be fun and rewarding at the same time!

Hergenhan Tommy

17 April 2013
Sommelier, Landhaus Eggert, Germany

I want to see the amazing country and the fantastic winererys.

Maikel Kappen

16 April 2013
Maître sommelier, Restaurant Lef, The Netherlands

This would be a perfect opportunity to share knowledge and be amazed by the wines of this country.

Sabrina Kunzelmann

16 April 2013
studie for state certified Sommelier, Heidelberg, Germany

I want to improve my knowledge of south african wines and i would like to gain experience with them. I´m very interested in south african wines, to the diversity and the quality, the air diversity and the soils and the differences in the grape varieties.

Daniella Lundh

16 April 2013
Waitress, Djuret, Sweden

I'm taking my exam now in May at Restaurangakademien and this is a perfect opportunity to learn more about South Africa. As a beginner I've never entered a competition before so I see it as a big challenge only to participate. When I was working in Verbier a few years ago my manager was from South Africa and he made me very interested in the country.

Béatrice Becher

15 April 2013
Sommelier, Eriks Vinbar, Sweden

I see this as a great opportunity to focus on South African wine, culture and to learn about the multiplicity of the terroir. As a sommelier it’s important to be up to date and to have great understanding of the diversity of every “wine country” in the world and what better way to this than to participate in a challenge! This will be fun and rewarding at the same time!

Figge Ania

15 April 2013
Maitre d', The flying elk, Sweden

Allways loved SA bott the country and its wines are beautiful

Figge Ania

15 April 2013
Maitre d', The flying elk, Sweden

Allways loved SA bott the country and its wines are beautiful

David Bennerdt

15 April 2013
Sommelier/ restaurant manager, Katapult , Sweden

To whom it may concern!
I would really like the oppurtunity to be able to compete in such a challenging event!
I have a passionate relation to good food and wine and I would be very happy if given the chance to participate in this competion!


David Bennerdt

Jenny Kunaschk

15 April 2013
Sommelier, Lübeck, Germany

I travelled to South Afrika in January and felt in love in this beautyful Country, the friendly people, winerys, nature and also the lifestyle in Cape town. We where visiting some winerys, I've got good Impressions of the wines there. Now i see the chance, to upgrade my knowledge about the winegrowing regions, wines and food. I can read a lot of books, but the impression i feel and see in the country is the best i can give to my colleagues und guests.

Heuber Guido

15 April 2013
Journalist, VINUM Magazin, Sommelier Cowboys, Germany


I´m a Freelance Wine-Journalist (VINUM, Falstaff, etc.) and Head of the Sommelier Agency "Sommelier Cowboys".
I was trained by Astrid Zieglmeier (IHK Germany / DWS) to become a DWS Wine Expert (I´m in Status Gold, which is the highest = Sommelier)
I was Head of "Feinkost Käfer" Winecellar after my studies before I decided to turn freelance.

Would be great to take part

Mark Moffatt

15 April 2013
Wine Director, Shangri-la Hotel Toronto, Canada

The wines of South Africa continue to intrigue me.
The competition will allow me to test myself against my peers
But also allow me the chance to explore a region that
Holds so much promise

Hofkamp Nienke

12 April 2013
Maître, Lounge &Samhoud Places, The Netherlands

This challenge provides the oppurtunity to really focus on the great world of South African Wines and the stories behind them. For me, it will be a useful and enjoyable learning expierence about a region i've been getting more and more excited about.
Challenging myself is a big part of growing as a professional and this competition gives me the opportunity to refresh my studying and challenge myself in expanding my knowledge of a wine country with such great history and diversity.
I' looking forward to immerse myself in everything South African wine and its country has to offer.

Dalbaha Tali

11 April 2013
Sommelier, City Winery, USA

With the right Sommelier, South African wine is capable of illustrating the character and staggering topography of a nation known for its vivid history and fierce natural beauty. I’m entering the WOSA Somelier Cup competition because I aspire to further illuminate the beautiful and complex connections that complement the history and taste of South Africa’s finest wine. The competition poses an opportunity to explore these themes in ways that combine practical engagement, heightened technique and a sense of adventure.
I hope my involvement in the competition will stand not only as a valuable inquiry but also serve as a launching point for further professional development.

Britta Giese

10 April 2013
Head Sommelier, Fairmont Singapore, Germany

I have found South Africa to be a very exciting wine region that has, particuliarly in the last few years, increased in international recognition especially for amazing Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. Unfortunatley I have also found that the recognition for SA amongst the majority of guests (unless from SA) is rather poor when it deserves so much more.
I would be more than happy to experience SA directly to become a better ambassador for her wines.
I am currently the Head Sommelier of the Fairmont Singapore, yet still have a residency in Germany.

Franz Zimmermann

09 April 2013
Wine Buyer, Fairmont, Canada

What a great chance. Discover the wines of the oldest new world wines. I have been waiting for this. Show us what you have South Africa.

Brandon Tebbe

09 April 2013
Wine & Beverage Director, La Bottega, USA

For several years now I have had the pleasure to pour great South African wines in my glass pour programs, as well as carrying many great wines by the bottle. Having spent considerable time studying South Africa in books, I would love to put places to names in reality. I would be honored at the chance to represent the United States, to expand my knowledge of South Africa further, to add stories to my sales repertoire, to be able to express passionately a sense of place to my guests, and to discover many more great wines from such a great wine producing country.

Stefan Wierda

09 April 2013
Sommelier, Merlet, Schoorl, The Netherlands

A exciting challenge from an even more exciting world!

In this way we can represent SA wines better in the future.
Altough this is a competition, we will all get to know the fun and enjoyment behind the wines and it's country.
I think that's a very important thing about the competition, and something you can't or will ever forget and regret!

Vanessa Le Grange

09 April 2013
Freelance Wine Marketer, Scandinavia, Sweden

There is so much to learn and appreciate about South African wines. This competition will challenge my knowledge on South Africa's wine regions and enable me to fly high the flag for South African wines abroad. I live and work in Scandinavia and am proudly South African.

Ruebertus Joerg

08 April 2013
Asst. Director of Food & Beverage, Kempinski Hotel Atlantic Hamburg, Germany

As a qualified Cape Wine Sommelier I am more than passionated about the South African wine industry. During several visits of the cape wine region I got to know the highlights and strengths of South African wines. This sommelier cup is a fantastic opportunity to refresh my knowledge and to meet people from the industry. The trip to the cape wine region is of course the highlight and makes me more than motivated to participate in this cup.

Drew Bunyan

08 April 2013
importer, imports , USA

South africa has aways been a passion of mine. after the South Africa I

Bianca Mens

08 April 2013
sommelier, Hendrickje Stoffels, The Netherlands

In 2004 I went to SA, the wines we tasted were beautiful, it is a part of the world with beautiful nature, wines and atmosphere. I like to learn more about how they make wine nowadays and the changes. Because it is important that the SA become more famous all over the world.

Feix Kathrin

05 April 2013
Sommelière, Columbia Hotel in Bad Griesbach, Germany

I love good food and wine offer to sell. South African wines play as a high priority for me in the restaurant. Of course I also want to see where I stand with my knowledge in an international competition.

Judia Black

05 April 2013
Founder/CEO, enJoie, USA

As an African-American sommelier, I am particularly interested in this region and the wines it produces. I love the way South African wines maintain their expression of "terroir" in an old world style, while embodying the ripe fruit and some of the modern winemaking techniques of the new world.

le goff sebastien

04 April 2013
service director, cactus club cafe, Canada

i would love the opportunity to learn more about South Africa, its wine regions and its delicious wines.
cannot wait to taste further than pinotage and discover the south african wine rgions and their typicity.

Dino Renaerts

03 April 2013
Director of operations, PIER 7 restaurant + bar, Canada

I love learning, and challenging myself. I have been a sommelier for 15 years as well as executive chef . I have a unique palette being a chef, and would relish an opportunity to visit South Africa. I competed a few years back when I was running a new restaurant and did well at the blind tasting, but I didn't study enough, so I want to educate myself better on all South African wine regions regardless. I like to offer a wide variety of wines from all over the glove that pair with my culinary creations, and having better knowledge of these wines will aid in choosing appropriate listings.

Edwyn Kumar

03 April 2013
General Manager, Hart House Restaurant, Canada

In 2007 I visited Capetown South Africa for the first time for my wife's family reunion. I was struck by the beauty of the land, and had the opportunity to visit many wineries, dominantly focused in Stellenbosch. It would be great to revisit the food and wine of the land. My wife's cousin has a fabulous restaurant there also, called Reuben's, and visiting them and experiencing their wine program would be fabulous.

David Smyth

03 April 2013
Wine Importer/Director, Direct Wines Ltd., Canada

I am a WSET Diploma Student and I think that this will be a great opportunity to learn more about the wines of South Africa. I am also a wine importer and distributor and if I were to win this competition it would be a great way to travel to South Africa and possibly find new wines to add to my portfolio. I am always looking for new challenges and I think that this will be a great competition and one that will enhance my life in the wine business. Thank you for the opportunity.

Markus Berlinghof

03 April 2013
Head Sommelier, Hotel Louis C. Jacob, Germany

Dear WOSA Team,

hereby I would like to apply for the 2013 SOMM contest. Two years ago I was already on a ten day trip in South Africa and totaly amazed by the whole theme, the life and of course the wines. Although I tasted lots of it before with many examples on my list I was at the WOSA Tasting Fair in London 2012 as well.
Still I do think that there needs lots improvement to be done but the high effort which has been managed within such short period South Africa is not any more to miss on a wine page.

Kind Regards,

Seiser Alexander

03 April 2013
Sommelier , Ringhotel Celler Tor, Germany

My way to learn more about the african wines and spirits is the way to see more about the country.
For me it is an new experience and challange.
Also i want to show my guests more about the african way of life...

Richter Florian

03 April 2013
Sommelier, Hotelfachschule Heidelberg, Germany


Miriam Prodoehl

03 April 2013
Sommeliére, Rindchen´s Weinkontor; Hamburg, Germany

I would like to participate in Germany because
it is my home country.

Jeremy Cadiere

02 April 2013
Sommelier de Rang, Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons, UK

It is a good way for me to improve my knowedge about an old wine country, with a great diversity and history,
Plus, it will be good for the guests I take care in my restaurant, in order to be more efficiant recomanding wine and helping them to discover and enjoy wines from South Africa

Lukas Hyner

02 April 2013
Assistant Chef Sommelier, Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons, UK

The competitions are the best way to study hard the subject., its a big part of my Master Sommelier studying, giving you the opportunity to see the place in person.

Ryan Legault

02 April 2013
Server, Langdon Hall, Canada

I am a recent graduate of the International Sommelier Guild's Sommelier Diploma Program and was recently the sommelier at Taboo Resort in Muskoka. As a server at Langdon Hall, one of Canada's most esteemed hotel/restaurants, I work with a large and diverse wine list, and I would like to test my professional experience with South African wines into a quantifiable result of my understanding.

Jun Roger Maniwa

02 April 2013
Sommelier, Hawksworth Restaurant, Canada

Studying in general about SA wines (history/regions/wines) previously, I have always had respect and interest in SA wines as they are still underrated here. Being in the work I am in, I hope this challenge and experience would make me an even better promoter of SA wines to my peers and guests.

Kerry Jo Rizzo Ms.

01 April 2013
Sommelier, The Settlers Inn, USA

I would like to participate in the Wines of South Africa Sommelier Cup to enhance my competitive spirit, to charge up my study sessions and to be able to compete with some of the best sommeliers in the world to make me a better sommelier and make quicker progress in my knowledge of wines.

Maximilian Kast

31 March 2013
Wine Director, Fearrington House, USA

South African wine and culture has been an interest of mine for my whole wine career. I think that out of all of the "New World" wine producing countries South Africa holds some of the most promise, in particular with Chenin Blanc, Syrah, Bordeaux Varieties, and of course Pinotage. My wine list always features a number of South African wines, and it is number one on my list of wine countries to visit. I am particularly interested in places such as Swartland, Stellenbosch, and Paarl, areas with such rich history of vine growing and winemaking. Thank you so much for the consideration.

Thabiso Mohohlo

28 March 2013
Wine Server, Kaia Winebar, USA

South African Wine is currently on a growing trend in the United States where I reside. I would like to participate in helping this growing and knowledge and awareness of the industry here in the United States.

Sarah Emilson

28 March 2013
Server/Sommelier, Atelier Restaurant, Canada

As a recently titled Sommelier I am constantly looking to learn more about the world of wine, beer and spirits; and to challenge myself with opportunities such as this competition. South African wine has always appealed to me and I look forward to immersing myself in a fascinating part of its culture.

Jose Luis Fernandez

28 March 2013
Wine Director, Quatrefoil Restaurant, Canada

I enjoy participating in any kind of sommelier competitions, it's a good and healthy way to test yourself in a competitive level. I have been able to taste some incredible wines from South Africa,but I believe in general, these wines don't get the attention they deserve. I have seen a great improvement in quality in the South African wine industry in the past few years, and I would love the chance to be able to visit this beautiful part of the world and see for myself all the good things that are happening within the wine community.

Kwakman Ruben

28 March 2013
Sommelier, Restaurant Cordial, The Netherlands

For me this competition is a good way to get to know more about South Afrikan wines. I've been getting more and more interestred after all the story's my collegue sommeliers told me after great visits, now it is my time to get to know this country!

bongani mbatha

27 March 2013
sommelier, Internatioanl Culinary Cener, USA

Participating in this awesome event would be a privilege and an affirmation that South African wines are the best examples of New World wines. As a student and professional, i have had he honor of representing many beautiful wines from South Africa. I hope to have this opportunity of taking this challenge and winning a trip to South Africa for the finals.

Josh Levin

27 March 2013
Owner, Kaia Wine Bar, USA

My interest in wine began as a 20 year old college student when I spent a semester at the University of Cape Town. Although I was there to study political science, I spent more time surfing and exploring the winelands, primarily Stellenbosch and Constantia, than I spent in the classroom. After graduating college, I started work in the wine and hospitality industries. About 2 years ago, I opened a wine bar, Kaia, focusing on South African wines and food. Unfortunately, South African wines are still somewhat under the radar in New York City and I have relished the opportunity to introduce my guests to the great variety of South African. I fell in love with the wines of South Africa as young inexperienced drinker; I hope to be able to return and continue my exploration.

Sydney Paris

27 March 2013
Sommelier, Massale VINtures, USA

It seems I have always been attracted to South Africa. It started while living in London where I worked along South Africans just getting by to pay form our studies. It spurned me to apply for an internship directly following my studies which I was offered but was then withdrawn for budgetary reasons. Instead, I moved to New York with a South African flatmate. Actually visiting had eluded me. A country that sort of straddles the old and new worlds, with fantastic surf....what's not to like? As a Beverage Director, I was the first to be selling Boekenhoutskloof: the first to bring on Graham Beck Cap Classique and to tell the stories that made it so compelling. Now, I want to finally go there; see the terroirs, hear first hand the potential of Cape Agulhas, the fabulous food, the hospitality, more stories. Always the stories and the African way of life. That has always been a constant with my exposure to all things South Africa, the stories.

Villeneuve Lepage Carl

26 March 2013
sommelier, restaurant Le Local, Canada

I would really like to participate to this challenge because I know this is a chance to win a unique wine trip in South Africa with people who share the same passion. I have met different people over the past years, also during challenges, who are now a part of an active wine tasting group that I created for the wine community in Montreal and on which I am still working hard to make it popular.
My taste for South African wines became real with Badenhorst Family. I am very interested in spending a lot of time on the entire country production and all the specific appellations to increase my chance to visit for the first time vineyards in South Africa.


Olivier Flosse Mr

26 March 2013
Wine Director, Marc USA/ A Voce, USA

I like to promote an atmosphere of competition amongst my teams, whether within their individual restaurants, or between the whole company. This will give us a chance to work together in a non business atmosphere that will promote unity amongst the many sommeliers that we have working in our restaurants. Also this is a great opportunity to expand our teams knowledge of the wines of the world.


Zachary Kameron Mr

26 March 2013
Head Sommelier, A Voce Columbus, USA

We would like to participate because we believe that the constantly evolving world of wine presents a challenge to everyone in the wine industry and it is this challenge of attaining new knowledge that drives us on our quest for a greater understanding. Within our team and within our business there is a lot of competition, mostly friendly, to see who is the best, we always relish an opportunity to prove our worth to ourselves and to others.

Harris Morgan

24 March 2013
Sommelier-Manager, Corkbuzz Wine Studio, USA

The availability of good study materials on South Africa in America is limited, but finding an excuse to really dig into them would be great. South African wines are underrepresented here in the market in New York. I'm sure there are plenty of hidden gems and back alleys to run down. A stunning 1998 Vergelegen Shiraz recently was certainly evidence of South Africa's potential. A competition like this would provide a great excuse to dig into producer-level knowledge on South Africa.

Angela Wall

22 March 2013
Server, L'abattoir restaurant , Canada

I'm currently studying for my WSET Diploma. This would be a great opportunity to focus my studies on a wine region which we in Canada have less exposure to. I look forward to the Challenge!

Plante Guillaume

22 March 2013
Server sommelier, Verses, Canada

Even though I'm a rather young fellow, wine as been for the last few years now an important subject of interest. I've invested lots of time tasting, reading, studying; but now that I've tried wine competition, I got hooked. That specific south-african challenge would be an extraordinary adventure for me, for the fact that it would transport me into a very dynamic and not-that-well-known part of the wine world. Competing in English (my second language) is also something I look forward to.

jay whiteley

21 March 2013
assistant wine director, Hawksworth, Canada

Wine is a fantastic lens to view the world. The people, the stories they carry and their place in history can be found in each bottle. South Africa does not have major market presence in BC and I would enjoy this challenge to learn more about the region and the wines grown there.

Sandy Hamilton

21 March 2013
Restaurant Maanger/Sommelier, Joe Fortes Seaffod & Chop House, Canada

I would like to participate in this competition to further my education and passion for wine. In particular the wines of South Africa are especially interesting and challenging because we still do not see a lot of the wines in our marketplace. Having studied the history and politics of the wine industry in South Africa I feel that it is important to continue to explore the wines from this region as they become more available.

Morgan VanderKamer

20 March 2013
Head Sommelier, Butler's Wharf Chop House, UK

I have recently returned from a winemaking trip in South Africa. It was an eye opening experience to the diversity of the wines, the growing regions and the culture of the country. South Africa is a wine growing country which wll continue to grow on a global scale, not only because of the passionate winemakers but also the high quality of the wines they are producing. The wines are fantastic to pair with food and truly demonstrate a sense of place. The future of South African wines will see much advancement in knowledge, experience and the planting of new varietals. For this, I look forward to visiting South Africa again and any opportunity I have to work with the wines.

Di Wu

20 March 2013
Restaurant and Bar Manager, Sheraton Vancouver Airport, Canada

Wine is my life-time passion. I'd love to be part of this meaningful event to learn more about South Africa Wine. Sine I've been working with Dana Lee Consulting to promote Wines of South Africa in Vancouver, Canada, I am so intrigued and surprised by the diversity and quality of what South African Wines can offer. As an ISG Diploma graduate and WSET Level 4 student, I'd treasure the opportunities to travel to South Africa and share the once in a life time experience to all my friends and wine professionals in Canada and China.

Craver Scott

20 March 2013
General Manager/Sommeliier, Shula's Steakhouse, USA

Two years ago when the soccer World cup was in South Africa, I hosted a wine dinner to introduce the wines of South Africa to our guests. The dinner was a rousing success, and since that time I have been intrigued by the continuing improvement in quality yet still great price value that South African wines present.

I am often hand selling South African wines to our guests who have yet to try them.

I would like to further enhance my knowledge by studying for this competition and if I am lucky enough to win the trip to get to know the region on a personal level.

Jill Zimorski

18 March 2013
Wine Director, Hotel Jerome , USA

I find that the pressure of competition is one of the best motivators to perform at a high level. The specificity of a competition based entirely around the wines of South Africa is an exciting challenge and I would look forward to the opportunity to increase my knowledge & familiarity as well as compete against a very gifted field of sommeliers.

Leja Blake

17 March 2013
District Manager, Signature Wines, USA

South Africa is a country whose wines are very under appreciated both on wine lists and in retail shops. What WOSA has done to help promot the wines really speaks to how deeply they believe in the wines. I would like to be a part of a competition that also helps to promote the wines of this country. The wines have the ability to shand next to any of the top wines in world.

Michael Scherzberg

17 March 2013
Assistant General Manager & Sommelier, Gram & Dun, USA

Entering this competition encourages me to broaden my understanding and appreciation of South African wines.
South Africa has proven to be one of the classic New World countries and I feel it is important to thoroughly understand their unique style, history, and diverse terroir. This competition could offer me the opportunity to see this firsthand.

Alexander LaPratt

17 March 2013
Chef Sommelier, Jean-Georges Restaurant, USA

I am a big fan of South African wines. They have great value and are getting better everyday. Some of my favorites include Ken Forrester, Kannonkop, Rust en Vrede, Klein Constantia... etc.. I would love to see this beautiful country in person!

Christopher Birnie-Visscher Mr.

17 March 2013
Assistant Sommelier, Cafe Boulud Palm Beach, USA

Competitions bring out the best in us. However, it also keeps you humble and hungry. An event like this shows how far you have come, yet how much more you truly can achieve. It is a great way to show your talents in something you love and also have the chance to meet some wonderful people from around the world.


13 March 2013
sommelier, teacher, and wine consultant, Québec, Canada

As a wine consultant and teacher for a sommelier program, I always look for fresh and updates informations. I also write articles for few magazines and websites, I d like to attached South Africa wines to my experience to be able to share it as much as i can. During the last year, i've been visiting few wines countries: France, Argentina, Germany, Austria, USA and Canada. I hope that South Africa could be the next destination...

Lesley Saito

11 March 2013
Wine Supervisor, Legacy Liquor Store, Canada

I would like to participate because I have been hosting Taste of Africa dinners with wine pairings for a couple of years now at Legacy Liquor Store so I would like the opportunity to see how much I have learned about the South African wine industry and to learn even more through this valuable experience. I really enjoy teaching our customers about Pinotage and the history of the South African wine industry. Over the last two years I have seen several importers of South African wine discontinue product in their portfolios as South Africa has moved down to 7th place next to Chile and I would like to continue to be an ambassador of the great wines made their so this trend does not continue here in BC. I recently had the pleasure of trying the new Glen Carlou Chardonnay and to have a chance to travel to the country of origin of this beautiful wine would be a dream come true. I think I would be able to promote the wines even better with knowledge gained from first hand experience. I would like to continue to support a country that is so concerned about sustainability and is producing top quality wines. I look forward to the challenge.

Bruce Wallner

11 March 2013
Chef Sommelier, The Sommelier Factory, Canada

Entering this competition provides me with the catalyst to lock down my understanding and appreciation of South African wines.
Of course, I study maps and taste the wines as often as possible, but comprehensive understanding still escapes me.
I believe that South Africa is destined to become one of the great nations of top quality wine production. The unique history, the tremendous diversity of terroir and the vision of the growers must result in wines speaking of soul and personality.
The excitement behind these wines is creating a tremendous amount of conversation among wine professionals and enthusiasts. I wish to participate in that chat.

William Predhomme

11 March 2013
Sommelier, Canoe Restaurant, Canada

I've read somewhere that South Africa is making some great wine... This would be a perfect opportunity to try them. :)

Alessandro Matrone

10 March 2013
Sommelier, Restaurant Lakes, The Netherlands

I have been once in South Africa also with the sommeliers trip in March 2011. It was a really nice experience, I liked the country, the people en of course the good wines!! I want go back to South Africa!!!

Evan Saviolidis

07 March 2013
Sommelier Instructor/Journalist, Tidings Magazine/CAPS, Canada

Having recently tasted through a multitude of South African wines, I can emphatically say that the quality has never been better. This competition is an excellent opportunity to further my knowledge and help expand the gospel of South African wines to my students, followers and readership.

Steve Robinson

07 March 2013
Sommelier/Dining Room Manager, Atelier Restaurant, Canada

I look forward to any opportunity to participate in a sommelier competition. It is very rewarding on a personal level and will help strengthen my abilities for future Best Ontario Sommelier Competitions as well as my studies with the Court of Master Sommeliers.

I am excited to learn more about the wines, culture, and history of South Africa. I have been told South Africa is one of the most beautiful areas on the globe, I would love a chance to see it with my own eyes.

Arjen Pleij

07 March 2013
Food & Beverage Manager, Brummen, The Netherlands

Since 8 years I work at Castle (Kasteel) Engelenburg. They already had the biggest collection of South African wines of Europe. When I started as a F&B Manager I took over the buying in responsibility. Since then the quantity of the collection stayed the same, but in quality terms I made a big improvement in the cellar and on the winelist. I stock wines from vast any region in South Africa. I travel to the cape winelands to meet the winemakers and viticulturists and try to learn as much as possible. The winemakers come over to our castle for Food & Wine evenings as well. I try to teach my staff as much as possible on South Africa and the wines. Together with my sommelier I advice and inspire as many guests on South African wines as possible. It will be a pleasure and a honour to challenge myself in a competition with other sommeliers with the same interest and specialization.

Jonathan Gonsenhauser

06 March 2013
Beverage Director, Momofuku Toronto, Canada

I was born in South Africa, I have a real passion for the wines and promoting them in our city when ever i can. Most importantly i love competitions and striving to be the best and understanding the world of wine

Zoltan Szabo

06 March 2013
Sommelier, Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto, Canada

I am amazed by the growth and overall successes of the South African wine industry, especially in the last 6 - 7 years. Somewhat skeptical to begin with, I now feel more comfortable when it comes to the vaste diversity and complexity of these wines, and I have also met many wonderful people of the South African wine scene! And, I hear that this country is breath - takingly beautiful!

Christine Mercnik Mercnik

06 March 2013
Food and Beverage Director, Silverado Resort and Spa, USA

i was part of the opening team at jiko restaurant at walt disney world and had the honor of having over 70 wines from SA by the glass. i fell in love with this beautiful part of the world over 10 years ago and it is in my bucket list of places to visit. from the landscape, the wines, culture and most importantly the people, i would love to finally visit this magical place.

Jacques Lacoste

06 March 2013
Sommelier, Lure Restaurant, Canada

Good day!
thank you for accepting my registration:

South Africa produce some very exciting wine which I really discovered in depth in 2010 when I was part of the Western Canada semi final in Vancouver (I was the winner that day) for the first "wosa sommelier cup".
The appreciation of those wines has been evolving since, this time around the goal is not only to win the Vancouver semi final, but to represent my country in Cape Town for the final.

Detcheverry Damien

06 March 2013
Restaurant Manager/Sommelier, Mogette Bistro, Canada

Participate to this competition would be a great challenge for me and also a good experience for the future.
I am currently studying for the advance sommelier level, as I got a scholarship when I pass and finished first of the certified level last year in New Zealand.
I want to improve my knowledge and get ready for the nexy level.
I hope to get that chance.

Marijn Smit

06 March 2013
Sommelier, Wine bar "Vyne", The Netherlands

I know WOSA from a sommeliertrip in March '11 and liked their enthusiasm and ambition. For me as a Diploma Course-trained sommelier, it will be a nice challenge to test my knowledge of SA wines. Yegas Naidoo whom I met in the winebar, inspired me to participate in such competitions.

Guillaume Coret

06 March 2013
Freelance Sommelier, Guillaume´s Fijn-Proeverij, The Netherlands

In 2010 I also did the competition and after a visit to South-Africa I learned a lot more. To enjoy the competition again I will be learn more again.

Bauwens Joachim

06 March 2013
sommelier, restaurant Bacchus, Belgium

Because South-Africa is one of the most interesting winecountries which has improved a lot in a few years
and to deepen myself more in the South-African wines. To get a better view at what is going on in the local winebussines and of course to grow my knowledge and to be more able to present the South-African wines to the customer.

Noë Wesley

06 March 2013
Manager, De Wijngaard, Belgium

I'm Wesley Noë, sommelier / manager at De Wijngaard, Brugge, I also participated in the first edition of the WOSA Sommelier World Cup, where my passion for wines in South Africa lies would be cool if I win this edition. And represent our country in Southern Africa. We promote already been the wine of South Africa to a large extent, conclusion: I would be a great ambassador for South African wines in Belgium. We are now studying at the moment the South African wines from A to Z and I must tell you that this is fascinating!

Corey Ladouceur

05 March 2013
F&B Manager/Sommelier, St. Georges Golf & Country Club, Canada

With my studies towards my Master Sommelier designation and my second invitation to sit the MS exam in July 2013, I feel the timing of my quest to learn more and embrace area of study that I feel are on the brink of greatness. Would be a great experience.

Ronnie Brouwer

04 March 2013
Sommelier, Heelsum, The Netherlands, The Netherlands

A good opertunity to focus on the wines of South-Afrika.